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Never Stop: Dancing After Rehabilitation

I remember Diana like it was yesterday. She was one of our first students and one of the most promising. She could dance like a ballerina from the Nutcracker and was a natural once she started classes with us.  Every day she would train at home for hours on end after she finished her school work.  And as a student, she was helpful to others, helping them stretch before class and encouraging them to maintain their form.  She was one of the best dancers in the school and had only been in classes for under 6

After training with us for 5 years, she turned 17 years old and was set to perform in a national competition and we were sure she would rank highly.  But then she had a huge dance injury during one of her performances. She tripped on one of the beams that was a part of her balance routine and fractured her legs and arms.  Doctors said she would never be able to dance again never mind perform in her national competition.  But Diana was a different kind of girl – the kind of girl who never gives up even when all odds are against her.  She started to attend physiotherapy regularly.  Her doctor advised her to take it slowly and she did, and her therapist said he wasn’t sure if she would be able to recover – but she said, she was destined to dance and she didn’t care how much time it took, that she would be able to perform again.

She started attending regular treatment sessions at a physiotherapist here in England. She moved cities to have the best care available and fundraising helped pay for her treatment.  Carl Windsor from a Physio central London said he had never seen someone so dedicated. He started by assessing her injury and said that her arms would gain back strength through rehabilitation exercises and stretching daily.  But that he wasn’t sure how long it would take for her to be able to run again. She needed soft tissue treatment in order to help repair the muscles in her legs that had been damaged.  He also put her through weekly sessions of acupuncture and this is where she started to see great improvement over the following few weeks.  Her physiotherapist said he had never met a more strong and determined girl in his life.  Her aches and pains slowly started to subside and she built up her strength by doing flexibility exercises on a weekly basis.

She later started attending dance lessons again to participate from the back and cheer on her other teammates and fellow dancers.  Finally, she had a final assessment after a year of physiotherapy and her therapist said she was finally treated and well enough to begin dancing at low-intensity.  After this, Diana performed in her first competition in years and we have never been prouder.

Training for 21 Days Before Performances

When preparing for a performance, it’s extremely important that you are consistently training each and every day to make sure you have the routine down pat.  It’s like studying for an exam. You can’t expect to memorize an entire textbook worth of information in only a couple of hours the night before. Dancing is the same. You need to not only work your physical body but train your memory for remembering every ounce of the choreography so that your body is performing the moves instinctively without having to think of what move is next.

Additionally you need to make sure your body is in optimal condition. That means not only should you be dancing but you should be partaking in other forms of regular exercise to make sure your body is muscular and toned to be able to endure performing long routines without breaking a sweat.  A recent popular diet and training exercise program, the 21 day diet is designed for 21 days of eating particularly and exercising regularly to help you shed excess fat that could hinder you in your performances.  In this program, you will eliminate sugar and carbs  and focus on eating lean meats and protein sources to help build muscle and keep you strong.  We recommend a diet rich in lean protein sources like lean beef, turkey, and chicken breast without the skin and make sure you prepare them in a fat-free or low-fat way like baking or broiling. Stir-fries are fine providing it is with a light amount of olive oil and no-deep frying!  You should also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that will provide you with not only nutrients and vitamins but also sources of energy.  It’s important to get some sources of carbohydrates like whole grain breads and rice to provide you with energy to perform the routines. But do not over-indulge.

Over 21 days, you should be exercising plenty with forms of cardio like running and various sports. Try to train areas of your body that are tough for you. For example, if you struggle with leg moves while dancing, focus on squats and lunges.  If you have weak arms, make sure to lift weights and do a lot of upper body exercises to make sure your entire body is working hard and getting fit.  The 21 day fix at home workout and exercise program is an excellent way to start a new habit and stay focused and fit so you are ready for your performance on the day you must perform.


Forming Athletic Bodies with Skinny Fiber

Countless people throughout the world have tried to use different methods of weight loss to get the shape they want. Nevertheless, they could have observed by themselves getting to be unhealthy. Skinny fiber is collection of natural fibers combined of veggies, roots, seeds, fruits and tree extracts. Gurus can confirm that this supplement is excellent for people who need to lose weight. The addition of harmless bacteria and probiotics facilitates a wonderful way to efficiently reduce extra fat and maintaining your body to be fit and powerful.

Skinny Fiber – How the Fiber Helps you to lose weight

When you think complete, you consume a smaller sized volume. This is the notion that describes how this bodyweight reduction usually means operates. Strong cravings are one of the things keeping you overweight. This product’s dietary method has the capacity to expand inside of one’s stomach up to 50 times more than it’s size; it minimizes your appetite as you will generally come to feel full. The sensation of being full can support a fantastic method to lessen your meal consumption and in turn, help you to lose weight.
After you shed your hunger, you cannot be enticed to consume food excessively. This dietary pill is 1 of the most effective all-natural methods to overcome your fat reduction struggle. It is made up of a system that uses up fats and lowers the potential of one’s entire body for extra fat absorption. Simultaneously, since it is functioning for your pounds reduction, it slowly but surely enhances your metabolic course of action and detoxifies your program. Extra toxic compounds are not very superior for your overall health and fitness and they need to be flushed out of your system.

Best weight loss supplement

Good weight loss reviews for skinny fiber in 2015 for this item are simple evidences of how appropriately it has labored for the end users. In just a week, you perhaps can reduce a couple of inches on your midsection because it will work well to tone your tummy. There are a lot of positive aspects from this product. Making use of it can make absorption of minerals and nutritional vitamins improved. It does not limit your body from getting the nutrients it wants. An individual of its principal functions is to break up fat which is crucial for you to slim down and develop into as in form as you can possibly be.

Essentially skinny fiber is a great product that has stood the test of time and is even more popular now than when it was released a few years ago. The weight loss results are consistent and people are trimmer than ever!


Five Dance-Ready You Should Try Today

In a world where people are obsessed with trying to lose weight, and are so many temptations around it makes it difficult to find a diet that you can trust because the diet will actually help you lose weight. I have tried many short-term diets that have caused me a lot of pain and suffering because they restrict calories so you feel like you are starving throughout the day. One of the best diets for me is eating fiber because it is one of the only diets that actually has a foolproof scientific system in which you can lose weight by restricting your calories in addition to eating healthily and exercising.

Fiber diets are not for everyone because it does require a lot of hard effort and work. You may only eat or consume under 1200 cal per day and for many people this is quite simply not enough. However, if you have a sedentary lifestyle and do not exercise very often, this diet can be very helpful to you and it would become very easy for you to lose weight.

The skinny fiber diet plan consists of eating high-protein and low carbohydrates so that your body is constantly burning fat and will not gain weight because carbohydrates often result in heavy weight gain. With skinny fiber, all you have to do is take the fiber pills every day and take about 10 drops for different periods of time throughout the day and you administer the drops under your tongue. If you consistently take the tablets and monitor the amount you are eating in addition to drinking plenty of water, you will lose a lot of weight. Some people have testimonials and their experiences on skinny fiber pills suggests that they have lost up to 50 pounds in under four months. Many will say that is the best diet available for fast weight loss with minimal effort.

But the diet is not easy to follow because many people will crack under pressure and temptation because they find themselves hungry throughout the day. Only try this type of diet if you are convinced that you can follow this diet for a long period of time. In addition to taking this type of diet you might also consider following some sort of exercise program like beachbody’s 21 day fix extreme workout so that you can gain muscles and be strong and not just develop a body that is soft yet skinny. The guy will not be for everyone but it is recommended for people who need to lose a lot of weight fast and do not have months to spare trying to lose weight. I recommend this diet for anyone who needs to lose weight before a big event like a wedding or a New Year’s party for Christmas party. Weight loss is difficult but when you follow a diet that is simple and gives results, it is much easier to look forward to the results of the diet will give you.

Dance your way to the goal weight

Weight is one of those topics that people always try to avoid in a crowd, especially if they have a little extra and they just cannot get rid of it Diets, special food plans, trainings and all the other recommendations always seem to work for someone else and no matter how hard you try or how careful you are when you eat the pounds are still there. We are all different and losing weight is a process that takes time However, there are some easy tricks that you can use to speed up the process and avoid muscle pains that you would normally get from over exercising.

The easiest way to relax and wake up your entire body is by dancing. Now you might wonder how will dancing help me loose weight, wouldn’t everyone do it if it was that easy? The simple answer is yes and no If you look at the pictures of dancers on the Internet, or you go watch a live show, you will notice that all dancers have slim structured bodies and that is not something that is god given. Also, an interesting fact, dancers mostly don’t exercise at all.

There is no need to exercise after dancing for 2 hours straight and the reason for that is that the both routines work on the same principle. Most fitness programs are structured around agressive workouts that last for a couple of minutes and speed up your heart rate so your body starts to work and use the stored up fat. However, not everyone can endure such an approach. If you are out of shape it won’t help you at all, you will just end up in pain and won’t be able to do it again the next day. By dancing around for an hour you will achieve the same effect. Your heart will race and you will get a full body workout at the same time

Moving your body naturally is far more effective then forcing positions. Dancing can help you lose weight effectively and give you that lean muscle look at the same time The massive benefit of dance is that you can be creative, use the moves that you like without any force or worry. You don’t have to be good at it, you don’t have to show it to people, you can simply put on some good music, lock all the doors and enjoy it by yourself. With healthy diet and a little bit of free time to put your groove on, you can dance your way to the goal in no time.

Importance of dance as an exercise

There is a lot of benefit in dancing such as mental benefit and physical benefits. There are different dancing modes for example belly dancing, hip-hop dancing, tap dancing, ballet dancing among the others. There is different importance of dancing for example: Dancing help in the management of the weight among human being that contribute to reducing overweight among the human being. Dancing enhance the mental functionality. Dance helps the brain to work properly.

The skills are improved socially among the people. This aid the people to interact with others hence creating a healthy relationship. The confidence is increased through dancing as it makes one physically fit all the time Dance increase flexibility in a human being.

The muscles become flexible during dancing. Since dance is physically it help the muscle to endure for a longer time without the occurrence of fatigue of the muscle. Dancing help a person psychologically, it makes one alert and sharp, one become active as the stress is relieved. It contributes to enhancing stronger bone existence. It makes the bones being healthy and ready to handle the expected weight.

Dancing as an exercise help to improve the functionality of the body organs like the lungs and the heart. It makes the organs perform the intended tasks efficiently. The strength of the muscle of the body can be enhanced through dancing; the muscles become strong and can be able to function under any pressure. Dancing improve body balance. The body become balanced and can handle any weight it carries. There is an enhancement of coordination among the parts though dancing as the body parts can function correctly and in an expected manner.

Dancing is very vital as is a form of exercise it prevents one from aging very fast it makes one young, healthy and more energetic. Dancing as a form of exercise help to reduce the risk of osteoporosis by ensuring the weight of an individual is correct and of the expected manner. Dancing is a form of well-being as it helps the people to socialize with others, to be able to create a good relationship with the other people in the society as a whole. Dancing is a way of containing the emotion that an individual is having. This helps one to have proper character and thinking.

Dance contributes to improving cardiovascular conditioning, and this is by ensuring the veins and the muscles are functioning properly. Dancing improve the self-esteem of the person. lt contributes to relieving one from stress. Dance can be done in different ways either in a group or one can do it on his/her own.