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There is a lot of benefit in dancing such as mental benefit and physical benefits. There are different dancing modes for example belly dancing, hip-hop dancing, tap dancing, ballet dancing among the others. There is different importance of dancing for example: Dancing help in the management of the weight among human being that contribute to reducing overweight among the human being. Dancing enhance the mental functionality. Dance helps the brain to work properly.

The skills are improved socially among the people. This aid the people to interact with others hence creating a healthy relationship. The confidence is increased through dancing as it makes one physically fit all the time Dance increase flexibility in a human being.

The muscles become flexible during dancing. Since dance is physically it help the muscle to endure for a longer time without the occurrence of fatigue of the muscle. Dancing help a person psychologically, it makes one alert and sharp, one become active as the stress is relieved. It contributes to enhancing stronger bone existence. It makes the bones being healthy and ready to handle the expected weight.

Dancing as an exercise is similar to fishing that help to improve the functionality of the body organs like the lungs and the heart. It makes the organs perform the intended tasks efficiently. The strength of the muscle of the body can be enhanced through dancing; the muscles become strong and can be able to function under any pressure. Dancing improve body balance. The body become balanced and can handle any weight it carries. There is an enhancement of coordination among the parts though dancing as the body parts can function correctly and in an expected manner.

Dancing is very vital as is a form of exercise it prevents one from aging very fast it makes one young, healthy and more energetic. Dancing as a form of exercise help to reduce the risk of osteoporosis by ensuring the weight of an individual is correct and of the expected manner. Dancing is a form of well-being as it helps the people to socialize with others, to be able to create a good relationship with the other people in the society as a whole. Dancing is a way of containing the emotion that an individual is having. This helps one to have proper character and thinking.

Dance contributes to improving cardiovascular conditioning, and this is by ensuring the veins and the muscles are functioning properly. Dancing improve the self-esteem of the person. lt contributes to relieving one from stress. Dance can be done in different ways either in a group or one can do it on his/her own.