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When preparing for a performance, it’s extremely important that you are consistently training each and every day to make sure you have the routine down pat.  It’s like studying for an exam. You can’t expect to memorize an entire textbook worth of information in only a couple of hours the night before. Dancing is the same. You need to not only work your physical body but train your memory for remembering every ounce of the choreography so that your body is performing the moves instinctively without having to think of what move is next.

Additionally you need to make sure your body is in optimal condition. That means not only should you be dancing but you should be partaking in other forms of regular exercise to make sure your body is muscular and toned to be able to endure performing long routines without breaking a sweat.  A recent popular diet and training exercise program, the 21 day diet is designed for 21 days of eating particularly and exercising regularly to help you shed excess fat that could hinder you in your performances.  In this program, you will eliminate sugar and carbs  and focus on eating lean meats and protein sources to help build muscle and keep you strong.  We recommend a diet rich in lean protein sources like lean beef, turkey, and chicken breast without the skin and make sure you prepare them in a fat-free or low-fat way like baking or broiling. Stir-fries are fine providing it is with a light amount of olive oil and no-deep frying!  You should also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that will provide you with not only nutrients and vitamins but also sources of energy.  It’s important to get some sources of carbohydrates like whole grain breads and rice to provide you with energy to perform the routines. But do not over-indulge.

Over 21 days, you should be exercising plenty with forms of cardio like running and various sports. Try to train areas of your body that are tough for you. For example, if you struggle with leg moves while dancing, focus on squats and lunges.  If you have weak arms, make sure to lift weights and do a lot of upper body exercises to make sure your entire body is working hard and getting fit.  The 21 day fix at home workout and exercise program is an excellent way to start a new habit and stay focused and fit so you are ready for your performance on the day you must perform.